Announcements: March 27th

Parent Volunteers

We are looking for more parent volunteers to help with our Aladdin costumes.  We have enough parents to help with decorating the shirts.  However, the grade ones will now have a second part as peacocks.  We will need a few parents to help with the peacock costume.  We will be making masks and a couple tutus.  This is something that can be done at home as it is mostly just tracing, cutting and gluing.  Please leave me a note in the planner tomorrow if you are able to help with this.

Holy Thursday Retreat

An email was sent out yesterday from the office regarding the Holy Thursday Retreat.  Students are asked to bring a plastic/reusable bag with the following items:

  • water bottle (for drinking)
  • empty toilet roll (I have extras in the classroom if you don’t have this)
  • bread or a plain bun (this will be their snack for the day)

There are other items we will be putting in the bags.  If possible, please send your child to school with the bag tomorrow so we can start packing the other items and prepare for Thursday.

Shirts for Aladdin

There are still a few students that have not brought in their shirt for Aladdin.  Please send the shirt to school tomorrow as they will be sent home with our parent volunteer for decorating soon.