January Notices

Good afternoon parents,

Find attached January notices sent home on the 10th of Jan

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We are also practicing for the Speech Arts festival. The Speech Arts festival will take place first internally within the school in February. The selected classes will then go onto compete with other schools in March. If you would like to practice with your child I have attached our poem ‘The very cranky bear’ by Nick Bland.

The Very Cranky Bear

Miss S


Walkathon will take place this Friday October 11th. We will be walking rain or shine so please make sure your child is wearing a coat. Children will be wearing full gym clothes- sweatpants and sweater. We will be going to mass in the morning so shorts only are not appropriate. As the weather becomes colder please make sure your child is wearing their sweatpants to school on PE and brings a coat everyday. Thank you 🙂

The following items are often useful and valuable in the Grade 1 classroom. If you have any of the following that are going to the trash please send them to school with your child and I will find a use for them. Please do not buy them as we can help our planet by reusing these items.

– Bottle caps (great for painting/Arts and crafts

– Newspaper (again painting)

– Hard plastic containers with the lids (the kind that take out comes in that is sturdy and durable, I wash these and use them for toys, games, and miscellaneous items in the classroom)

– Old, clean, odd socks. (we use these as erasers for whiteboards)

-plastic spoons/forks leftover from takeout

Again, thank you for your help, support and cooperation thus far this year. It is much appreciated. 🙂


Autumn Art in 1S



The children created these trees using q-tips, paint and autumn colours. First they traced their hand and painted, then carefully added the leaves. Aren’t they beautiful?


Check out our wonderful pumpkin patch, each pumpkin is different just like each child! No-one has a patch on us!