Superstar of the Week – Pius

Here is our last Superstar of the Week of Grade 3… it’s Pius!

Pius shared some very cool personal artifacts with us this week: his photos of his family trip to Vietnam, (where he also watched a pig race competition!), a special Pokemon card that reminded him of his brother, and a birthday card from his brother too!


His brother also recorded Pius as he drew a detailed pencil sketch of a character from beginning to end. We watched the drawing movie for his talent show and tell.

Well done Pius! Thanks for sharing your talent and your artifacts.


Superstar of the Week – Christen

Christen was our latest Superstar of the Week! She showed us some really interesting personal artifacts: her Disney lanyard full of badges, her trophy for Skater of the Year in her skate class, and her medal from Kumon.


Christen’s talent video was of her doing some beautiful ice skating. Here are some pictures of her talents too!

Christen Skate Competition 1

This is a picture of me holding up my gold place ribbon after a skating competition. I got this for doing some tricky elements.

Christen Skate Competition 2

This is one of the elements I had to do in the competition. I was a little scared of what position I would get, gold, silver or bronze.


Well done Christen, thanks for being such a great Superstar!

Superstar of the Week – Timmy

Say hello to Timmy, our latest Superstar of the Week!

Timmy has been sharing with us his most special artifacts; a Chinese checkers set he received as a gift from a special person, his Star Wars savings bank, and his pair of Star Wars walkie – talkies.

Timmy also let us see a video of him playing piano.


Here are some extra photos that Timmy would like to share.

“I have started taking chess lessons a few years ago. I love playing chess because the activity teaches me to think differently and I enjoy having challenges with friends.”

tim 1

“This is a Lego car that I built. Building with Lego bricks is something that I have practiced since I was a little kid.”


“These are the awards I received from my piano school. I love playing the piano because I can play beautiful songs with it.”


We loved getting to know you a bit better, Timmy! Well done!

Important Notice for Mass Tomorrow

Dear Parents,
With all the craziness of this week I forgot to remind the students after the field trip today to wear their full school uniform and shoes tomorrow and to be in line in the gym at 8:50 on the dot, as we are hosting the school Mass. This is especially important for the students who are reading and bringing the gifts. Gym strips can be worn underneath uniforms or they can change after Mass.
We had a lovely day today at Van Dusen and the students were all well behaved! Great job Grade 3s!

Superstar of the Week – Jasmine

Last week Jasmine was our Superstar. She told us about her special artifacts; her collection of different dragon play figures. We also watched a video tutorial she made to teach us how to make slime! She was a very funny presenter and great at giving step – by – step instructions!


Jasmine is also a secret super-talented architect and engineer. She designed and built this building and was very proud of herself. We are proud of you too, Jasmine. Well done!

MYXJ_20180502213709_fast MYXJ_20180502213720_fast

Class Picture Tomorrow

Dear parents,

Sorry for the late notice, teacher’s have just been told that tomorrow will be class picture day. Please send the students in in full school uniform with their gym t shirt and shorts in their backpacks.

Thank you!

Mrs Brady


Superstar of the Week – Aiden

Aiden is our latest Superstar in 3B. He showed us his factfile and gave us a peek at his favourite artifact, his collection of Gundam action figures.


Aiden is talented at many other things too besides making Gundam characters. Here he is in three photos showing us his skills.

“This is me gardening in Maple Ridge. I am planting a tree. My dad lets me garden with him.”




“Here I am swimming 500 metres or more. I can swim from the deep end to the shallow end. This is also in Maple Ridge.”


“In this photo I was playing a practice game of soccer with my teammates. I can play all positions. I ran so much I was sweating!”


Superstar of the Week – Kaitlyn

Here is our latest Superstar of the Week….Kaitlyn!


Kaitlyn was proud to show us her talents of playing the viola in front of an audience and performing in a ballet recital, both on video. She also showed us her personal artifacts; her collection of Disney princess autographs, some photos of her next to famous people, including Prince William, and a photo of her riding on an elephant!

Kaitlyn did a great job presenting to us, and would like to also show us some photos of her in “talent” mode!

file1-1 file-2 file-3

Well done, Kaitlyn!