Friday September 16

We had a wonderful and busy first full week of school in 4L. I want to take a moment to thank you all for coming last night. It was so wonderful to get to know you more.  It is amazing how much you care about your children’s education.  They are so lucky. I have enjoyed getting to know your children and I look forward to a year full of experiences, activities, and growth.


Reading Log- Any student who hadn’t done so has now brought their reading log (yellow duotang) home.  Please have them complete 1 reading log per week (or more) it will only be a positive thing for their reading and comprehension skills. I will give notice through the agenda and blog when I would like them to bring it back to school to be checked.

Math- JM pg 11,12,13 – hopefully just a question or two left so they can enjoy some much deserved family time this weekend.

Spelling Test on lesson #1 Monday followed by starting lesson #2 and getting into our normal routine of pre-test Monday’s and post-tests Thursday’s.

Thank you

Ms. LeRose