Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new years to all of you!

Please remember to read over the holidays

Thank you again to all the parents who made yesterdays class lunch absolutely amazing and delicious 🙂

See you in 2017!

Tuesday homework

Math 4.2 pg.216,217,218

French – describe 5 activities from your pictures (January 6)

Art- finish self portrait

Art- finish perspective snowman drawing

Language Arts – Finish Christmas Story Plan – we will write draft tomorrow while waiting for concert practice

Read 15-20 minutes every day

Reading Log – please complete 1-2 reading logs a week


Thursday homework

Thank you for coming for parent-teacher interviews, it was great to touch base and have time to speak about your wonderful children and how they are doing.

Please sign and return the blue workshop form

Have a wonderful and safe weekend 🙂

Wednesday homework

Mandarin- finish the ‘good copy’ of the newspaper project- due monday

Report cards were handed out today

Parent teacher interviews tomorrow 12-5 on first come first serve basis, if you can’t make it please contact me to reschedule for next week.