Thursday homework

French tomorrow

Mandarin- complete 3 questions on the worksheet

Language arts- spring break comic strip due tomorrow

Science- Sound energy- Monday

Wednesday homework

Math- we will be going over pages 228-240 tomorrow on fractions

Spelling lesson 22 and test Thursday

Science- title page and sound energy page due Monday

Spring break comic strip due Friday

French- pg.4a,5,6 due Friday

Religion – 10 commandments booklet- finish and colour – Friday (also pages 94,95)

Special notes**

**Please bring in workshop form signed with money – workshop is on April 6 & 20 at 12:30 so we will be eating lunch at 12-12:30

**Raffle tickets sent home yesterday

**school supply list for grade 5 sent home yesterday

**Book orders sent home today – due next Wednesday

Monday homework

Comic strip- Friday
Spelling lesson 22- Thursday
High touch high tech workshops- blue form signed and $18.50

Spring is around the corner!

Grade 4 March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you well. It is hard to believe that yet another month has passed by and that term two is almost over. February was an active month for all the students as we prepared for the FSA testing, practised our Choric Speeches for the Speech Arts Festival, crunched numbers, used our problem solving skills and learned about the Inuit culture.

Social Studies:

We have been learning about the First Nations Peoples of Canada. Both classes have worked on projects and models and learned many interesting facts.

The students also learned how to read informational texts in order to elicit specific information. Students are now able to differentiate between fiction and non-fiction books. They have been encouraged to read legends and stories that the First Nation Peoples are known for.


The season of Lent is underway. It is a time of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. We will be discussing the importance of Lent as a time for prayer, reflection and renewal of our baptismal vows and sacrifice. The students are encouraged to pray the Stations of the Cross and pray for themselves, their families and others in the world.

Upcoming dates to add to your calendars:

  • March 9 Second Term Reports
  • March 10 Student-led Conferences/ Last Day before Spring Break
  • March 27 School Reopens
  • April 13 Holy Thursday-noon dismissal
  • April 14 Good Friday-School Holiday
  • April 17 Easter Monday-School Holiday

Spring Break

Here are a few suggestions about what to do during the spring break:

  • go to your local library and spend some time reading your favourite books
  • go for a walk and look for animal habitats at Stanley Park
  • visit Science World and look at their exhibitions
  • visit the Vancouver Art Gallery and enjoy the Emily Carr exhibits
  • have a picnic at your local park (depending on the weather)
  • play a sport outside (run, skip, bike, play basketball or soccer)

Please remember to continue signing agendas.


Ms. S. Chong and Ms. S. LeRose

Wednesday homework

Continue research on Science National Geographic magazine project

Read 20 mins

Keep collecting coins for the Mite boxes to help support Seminarians

Report Cards go out tomorrow!

Student Led Conference Friday – wear uniform and double check time

Tuesday homework

Science- National Geographic magazine project- animal research

What animal?
What biome does it live in?
Where in the Biome does it live?
What does it eat?
Who eats it?
What does it look like? (appearance)
What adaptations does it have?

Spelling lesson 21 and test Thursday

Mandarin – colouring project



Important dates coming up!

Student Led Conference Friday

Reports go out Thursday

Thursday homework

Gym – 9 am please come in gym strip

Socials – Coast Salish menu – tomorrow

Art- make/write/draw or print a quote about being unique or special or different to glue onto our elephant art inspired by the books One, and Elmer. (Tomorrow)

Wednesday homework

Science – Desert and Marine biome sheets tomorrow

Math division re-test tomorrow

Spelling lesson 20 and test tomorrow

S.S. Passport tomorrow

Mandarin – complete lucky message worksheet

Make or find a quote about being special and unique (we are going to put them on the elephant art) – you have creative control over colour and font – be unique and you!