April Newsletter

Spring is Here!

April Newsletter from Grade 4

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you well. It is hard to believe that we are beginning term three. Where has the time gone? Thank you for attending the Student-led Conferences. We hope that you enjoyed sharing all of your child’s successes’ The Grade 4 students have all worked hard during the first and second terms and now the last term awaits them. Again we would like to thank you for your support in your child’s learning.

Language Arts:

This term we will be continuing with Adrienne Gear’s Writing Power alongside a poetry unit where we will explore various forms of this writing style.

Social Studies

Now that we have finished studying the First Nations Peoples we will be investigating the early exploration of the Canadian Arctic. We will also be studying the first Canadian explorers and their impact on the Aboriginal Peoples. Students are encouraged to go to their local public libraries and find information about Canadian explorers.


Just a reminder that we are still in the Lenten season and we hope that our students are following their Lenten promises. It continues to be a time of prayer, reflection, fasting, and penance.


Please remember to keep signing your child’s agenda.

Send healthy snacks to school,

  • April 13 Holy Thursday (noon dismissal)
  • April 14 Good Friday (no school)
  • April 17 Easter Monday (no school)
  • April 6   Sound Workshop
  • April 20 Light Workshop
  • April 12 Maritime Museum (4C)
  • April 19 Maritime Museum (4L)
  • April 28 No School – Professional Day

Have a wonderful day,

Ms. S. Chong and Ms. S. LeRose