Vancouver Maritime Museum Field Trip

On April 19th, the students are invited to attend the Maritime Museum field trip.  The students will learn what it takes to be a successful Arctic explorer.  They will learn about the early explorers of the Canadian Northwest Passage through the Arctic.  They will also learn about Canada’s early role in policing the Arctic and servicing the communities living in the Canadian Arctic. This program will take place on board and around the RCMP vessel St. Roch, which is located inside the Museum.  The students will be touring the ship to learn what life was like on board a ship traveling in the Arctic waters and learn about the different parts of the ship.

Trained education volunteers lead small groups of students through hands- on and participatory activities designed to stimulate creative and critical thinking.

Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed on the day of the field trip in the school P.E. sweat suit and running shoes, as there will be a climbing activity involved in this program.