Friday homework

Math pages 26-29

Bring USB for Tuesday

Reading log Monday

Bring biography book that you took out in library on Monday

Michelle’s Riddle of the week-

Question- What has a heart but no other organs?

Answer- A deck of cards !

Thursday homework


Reading Log- 4 boxes due Monday

S.S. Title page due tomorrow

L.A. Good copy of summer comic strip tomorrow

Mandarin- Monday

Science- 5 questions on sound energy due tomorrow

Math- pg. 22-25 on Place Value – new vocab we learned (Digit, Value) as well as reviewing place value

Wednesday homework

Spelling test on lesson 3 tomorrow and pages in their workbook

Special reminder the workshop on Sound Energy is tomorrow and student will not be able to participate unless they have a signed permission slip. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I am still missing a few.

Walk-a-thon – please continue to hand in your forms to the office

Comfort packs – Just a reminder to create a comfort pack for your child, including a photo, important information on the back, a card or letter as well as a small toy or deck of cards.

Social Studies Title Page due Friday

Language Arts Summer Comic strip (GOOD COPY) due Friday

Continue Reading Log – 4 boxes completed and handed in on Monday


Spelling words for tomorrows test

  1. these
  2. deny
  3. rules
  4. safely
  5. locate
  6. crime
  7. stove
  8. scale
  9. costume
  10. arrive
  11. opened
  12. musical
  13. equal
  14. idea
  15. tight
  16. clover
  17. rodent
  18. tuba
  19. cubes
  20. pride

Tuesday homework

Picture Day tomorrow

PE tomorrow- bring uniform to change back into for picture day


Reading Log- complete 4 out of 5 boxes for Monday- read 20 mins each night

Social Studies Title page due Friday

Language Arts- summer comic strip due Friday

Spelling lesson 3 test Thursday

Indoor dismissal next 3 days for Book Fair

Our class will attend together on Thursday and Friday

Workshop on Sound Energy Thursday morning- please bring signed permission slip to be able to attend.

Monday homework

Spelling lesson 3 and test Thursday (Check student book for words- I will post tomorrow)

Math test tomorrow on pages 1-21

Religion test on chapter 1 tomorrow

French worksheets (WED)

$60 for this terms workshops and fieldtrips

Permission slip for Sound Energy workshop ASAP

Book Fair starts Wednesday, it will be indoor dismissal, our class will be visiting Thursday and Friday during school time.


Friday homework

Math test on pages 1-21 Tuesday
-Students received a practice test today, I have marked all completed questions, please have students finish the ones they didn’t complete in class for extra practice. We will be reviewing this practice test and other questions Monday to prepare for our test on Tuesday.

Religion- Chapter 1 test Tuesday on God’s Providence

Mandarin – Study key words for test on Monday

French- define vocabulary words, define vocabulary sheet, and complete word search worksheet (Monday)

Reading Log- Please have reading log signed and ready to hand in Monday morning. 1 box per day (Monday to Friday)

Permission slips went home today for the Sound Energy workshop in class on Thursday September 28th. Please sign and bring back ASAP.

Thank you to those who already handed in this terms money for workshops and field trips. If you have any questions please e-mail me.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

-Miss. LeRose

Wednesday homework

Spelling lesson 1 test tomorrow and lesson 1 work is also due tomorrow

French- 1. define vocabulary words #2 (Monday)
2. define vocabulary sheet (Monday)
3. word search worksheet pg.1 (Monday)

Mandarin- bring erase marker

no math homework tonight- we will be going over this weeks homework tomorrow and Friday

Tuesday Homework

French worksheet due tomorrow

Math pages 20-21

Mandarin- Finish Pinyin & meaning of word practice

Continue studying for spelling test on lesson 1 – Thursday

Reading every night for 20 minutes and compete 1 box in reading log sheets

Thank you all for your support for Terry Fox spirit day today!!

September 28th is a in class workshop for Sound Energy- please expect the permission slip by the end of the week

Monday Homework

Special Reminder- Spirit day tomorrow

bring $2 and wear casual clothes, bring $4 and wear casual clothes, also get popcorn and movie.

TIP** focus on your work that has the closest due date to make sure you get it all completed.

Math pages 16-19 (TMRW)

French- worksheet pg. 32-35 (WED)

R.L. 1 box per weekday night (1 on Monday night after reading for 20 mins, 1 on Tues, 1 on Wed, 1 on Thurs, 1 on Fri) – Hand in every Monday to be checked

Spelling- Lesson 1 workbook and test (Thurs) – I will try and always post words(they are in the orange workbook as well)

  1. banner
  2. hundred
  3. fame
  4. later
  5. seven
  6. hammer
  7. twelve
  8. barrel
  9. dollar
  10. letters
  11. silent
  12. wild
  13. until
  14. swift
  15. bottles
  16. pineapple
  17. film
  18. gallon
  19. traffic
  20. eleven

Wednesday Homework

Hot Lunch orders can now be places online

Math – pages 8,9,10


Spelling lesson 2 work and test tomorrow

Science title page for ENERGY unit due Monday