Thursday homework

THANK YOU ALL so very much for bring treats and coming to hear your children’s stories!
Please e-mail me any photos you have of us as a group from today. thank you!

No homework!
Book orders due Tuesday

Have a wonderful night 🙂

Wednesday Homework

Math pages 64,65,66 tomorrow

Spelling lesson 10 and test tomorrow

Wish Story Reading tomorrow at 9 am!
Bring some baking if you can

also, Mrs. Snyder and I wanted to be a bit more environmentally friendly so instead of buying Styrofoam cups we thought of having the students bring their own mug to use for Hot Chocolate for the day

Tuesday UPDATE

Thursday 9 am is our story reading and we look forward to seeing you 🙂

I am baking banana bread as well I have 3 others bringing baking. Only bring something if you wish and have time! There will be hot chocolate with marshmallows as well for after the readings.

Please email me with any questions

Tuesday Homework

French test tomorrow, accordion booklet tomorrow

Mandarin practice your oral speech at home, bring the object to school for show and tell

Spelling lesson 10 and test Thursday

make sure your math pages 61-63 is complete, we will continue tomorrow

Science- THINK- what went wrong with my project? what can I do to fix it? Don’t let it get you down, persevere!!

Tomorrow you will have from morning recess until lunch recess to work on it, bring your new ideas!!

PE tomorrow- wear gym strip, bring uniform to change back into

Monday Homework

French test and accordion booklet due Wednesday

Science– We are continuing to work on our Rube Goldberg projects as an end to Energy

Religion– hopefully this week the students will finish up the Saints Projects and we will schedule their presentations

Math-  Pages 61-63 Tomorrow- We started Multiplication! please practice 1-12 times tables at home, in the car on the way to school or anytime, this is a very important skill to learn in preparation for Division which will be coming up this year.

New Book Order forms went home (December order) Please have back to me by next Tuesday the 5th so they can be in before Christmas break.

Wish Story Fair will be happening this THURSDAY NOVEMBER 30 at 9:00am until maybe morning recess, this will be followed bu hot chocolate and some baking (supplied by myself as well as a few students will be bringing in their creations- if you wish to bring in some cupcakes, cookies, a loaf, or muffins please do) Having this time to eat drink and socialize will be great for the students to celebrate their hard work writing and illustrating.

Spelling lesson 10 this week- focus on f sounds – spelling can be f,ff,ph,or gh … this is a tricky one so practice lots!

Mandarin –

Monday Homework

Spelling lesson 9 Thursday

Math test sent home today, sign and correct (on separate lined paper) due Thursday

Rube Goldberg Project- bring materials you have been collecting on Wednesday

FIELD TRIP tomorrow!! – don’t bring a lunch

parent volunteers please meet in lobby at 11:30am, bus will be leaving at 11:45am, we will be leaving restaurant at 2:00pm and arrive at school around 2:15pm

S.S. treasure maps due TOMORROW

Religion- we are continuing with our saints projects

L.A.- We are finishing up typing our Wish stories- Friday we will be starting our illustrations and next Thursday the 30th at 9 am we invite all parents to our Wish story fair followed by hot chocolate and treats. If anyone would like to bring some treats such as cupcakes, muffins, cookies etc please feel free! I will be baking banana bread. Please remember no nuts!

Have a wonderful evening 🙂

Friday homework

S.S. treasure map due Tuesday

Language power lesson 9 due Monday

Finish rough copy of Wish story and if you want start typing

bring reference pictures and about the author picture Monday

Math tests will be marked and handed back Monday

Invitations for our Wish story fair went home today- each student created their own to invite you!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday Homework

Math test tomorrow – adding and subtracting with regrouping, base ten blocks, place value, value, digits, expanded form using numerals, words or both numerals and words. We did a practice test yesterday and have marked it along with jump math pages that contain the material on the test.

we talked about a study place yesterday!

Saint Projects are coming along- the students are using power point which is new for most of them but they are learning lots.

Socials- Treasure maps will be homework as of tomorrow of they haven’t yet finished them in class time. Please follow your child’s clues to see if you can find their secret hidden treasure. They used their knew skills of making a grid, legend, scale, and compass in their maps.

Science- Next week I will be asking them to bring in some materials to start working on their Rube Goldberg machines with their partner. This project will be done in class except for collecting materials.
Materials examples; toilet paper roll, marbles, hot wheels track, train track, etc. Please watch you tube videos on examples of Rube Goldberg machines to get some ideas. Materials should be stuff you already have at home.

WISH stories with Mr. Huser- Take stories home and finish this weekend. When he comes in next week we want a Title page with name at bottom (written and illustrated by:_____) Story typed with spaces for more illustrations, and an about the author page with photo of yourself. We will be typing in class but students are welcome to do some at home and bring on USB if they need extra time to type.

-bring in reference pictures to help with illustrations next week.

Language Power lesson 9 Monday

Thursday homework

Finish Remembrance Day postcard if you with to send one away

bring donation for a poppy tomorrow

work on WISH story

tell your parent your description of main character and see if they can draw it


Mass tomorrow

Remembrance Day ceremony tomorrow at 10:45

Math Test next Thursday

Photo of yourself for About the Author page in your story- need in 1 week

Reference picture for illustrations for story- 1 week

Wednesday homework

Language Power- lessons 1-4 next Wed



last day for book orders

Rube Goldberg research for upcoming science project