Thursday Homework

Math test tomorrow – adding and subtracting with regrouping, base ten blocks, place value, value, digits, expanded form using numerals, words or both numerals and words. We did a practice test yesterday and have marked it along with jump math pages that contain the material on the test.

we talked about a study place yesterday!

Saint Projects are coming along- the students are using power point which is new for most of them but they are learning lots.

Socials- Treasure maps will be homework as of tomorrow of they haven’t yet finished them in class time. Please follow your child’s clues to see if you can find their secret hidden treasure. They used their knew skills of making a grid, legend, scale, and compass in their maps.

Science- Next week I will be asking them to bring in some materials to start working on their Rube Goldberg machines with their partner. This project will be done in class except for collecting materials.
Materials examples; toilet paper roll, marbles, hot wheels track, train track, etc. Please watch you tube videos on examples of Rube Goldberg machines to get some ideas. Materials should be stuff you already have at home.

WISH stories with Mr. Huser- Take stories home and finish this weekend. When he comes in next week we want a Title page with name at bottom (written and illustrated by:_____) Story typed with spaces for more illustrations, and an about the author page with photo of yourself. We will be typing in class but students are welcome to do some at home and bring on USB if they need extra time to type.

-bring in reference pictures to help with illustrations next week.

Language Power lesson 9 Monday