Tuesday Homework

Reading Log – 6 boxes due tomorrow

Book Orders due tomorrow

Mandarin- practice the key words

I forgot to put this on homework board but will tomorrow:

Research Rube Goldberg Machines for upcoming science project

Think about your study space at home, should be at a desk or table, should be a quiet space, somewhere you can focus.

Math Test will be coming up on next Thursday – will be on place value, expanded forms both in words and numerals, base 10 blocks, and addition and subtraction sometimes regrouping.

November Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the crisp, fall weather. It is hard to believe how quickly September and October have flown by.  The grade 4 students continue to adjust well to expectations set for intermediate students. They know what is expected of them for morning routines, instructional time and how to take care of their personal and school belongings.  Please continue to sign your child’s agenda. They are responsible for ensuring that they write down the homework that is listed on the homework board at the end of the day.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

©Imaging by Marlis 2012 Permission granted to Glen Huser for personal and promotional use
©Imaging by Marlis 2012
Permission granted to Glen Huser for personal and promotional use

Language Arts: Author in Residence, Glen Huser

Glen Huser, Canadian author and Governor Award winner, will be coming to Saint Francis Xavier to work with the Grade 4 students.  He will be here a November 2nd  to November 30th. He will be working with the students for 6 “writing” and “creating stories” sessions. This is going to be a unique and exciting experience for the students.

We continue to work on the students’ writing skills focusing on brainstorming, making predictions and connections. The students are also focusing on adding more details to their sentences and using descriptive language (what we also refer to as “triple-scoop” words). Students are encouraged to expand their love of literacy by reading information texts, poetry or try a novel by a different author.

Some reading suggestions for grade 4 include:

  • Armstrong, William H. Sounder
  • Atwater, Richard and Florence. Popper’s Penguins
  • Creech, Sharon. Love that Dog
  • Ellis, Deborah. Mud City
  • Kogawa, Joy. Naomi’s Road
  • O’Dell, Scott. Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Pearson, Kit. A Handful of Time
  • Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Shiloh Season
  • Sachar, Louis. Holes
  • Smith, Robert Kimmel. Chocolate Fever
  • Willis, Jeanne. Dumb Creatures
  • Huser, Glen. Stitches and the Elevator Ghost

We love numbers! Yes, we do!!

How do you write 9,356? What is expanded form? Our math geniuses  have been busily working with whole numbers. They know how to write numbers in standard form, expanded form and are working on rounding numbers to the nearest 10. 100 and 1000.  We will also be working on comparing and ordering numbers.  Students are practicing their skills using their Jump Math work books. We want all of our students to know that working with numbers is fun.

Upcoming dates to add to your calendars.

  • November 10th, Remembrance Day Service
  • November 13th, 14th No School
  • November 2nd , 1st school author visit, Glen Huser
  • November 21st, 4L Salmon n’ Bannock Field Trip
  • November 23rd, 4S Salmon n’ Bannock Field Trip
  • November 30th, 1st Final visit and Presentation with Glen Huser

Message to the Parents

As first term comes to a close, students will be finishing topics such as biomes and mapping skills.  Encourage your child to complete assignments and homework on time, study hard and to prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests.  A “big” thank you to all of the parents for their support.  We really appreciate your help.   It was wonderful to meet you all at the Parent-Teacher Interviews.


Mrs. S. Snyder and Miss. S. LeRose

Monday homework

Spelling lesson 8 Thursday

Reading Log- 6 boxes by Wed

Mandarin- practice reading

FSA finish up tomorrow

Last class time for S.S. Maps then homework


Friday Homework

Coding Monday

PE 9 am Monday morning, wear gym strip to school and bring uniform to change back into.

Book Order form for November went out today, please have in by Wednesday November 8 so I can get them in before the long weekend.

October book orders came in today!

Reading Log- 6 boxes due on Wednesday November 8

Grade 4 mass on Sunday November 5 at 11:15 am, be there no later than 11am please.

Language Arts- Students may choose to bring their Wish Story home to work on the beginning this weekend. If they do or don’t please talk through their story with them and it may help spawn some ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss. LeRose

Thursday Homework

Due to Mass yesterday, French and PE will be tomorrow, Please come in Gym strip as PE will be at 9 am and French will be at 9:40 so please have homework complete if you had any from Monday

Math pages 56,57,58

Reading Log- 6 boxes for Wednesday

Mandarin- parent sign test sheet

Coding- journal question Monday

GRADE 4 MASS Sunday at 11:15 am, please be there by 11am. Practice reading part if you have one many times each day!

Mr. Glen Huser had his first visit today. He told the kids bout himself, showed off some of his books which we have in our school library. The students developed their character and thought about what wish they want to happen.  In their stories they have 2 attempts which fail and then on the 3rd try they succeed! They have a story plan they started writing today and tomorrow he will be back to give more tips to plan the story before the writing process begins.

Ask your student who their character is and what their wish is 🙂  The more they talk about it the more ideas they will keep coming up for with their story.