Wednesday Homework

Reminder** tomorrow is Holy Thursday – noon dismissal

all students have their bags ready with materials inside

They do not need their backpacks tomorrow

Please send them only with water bottle and plain bread/bun for one of the stations tomorrow, they will out these in their bags they made up at school today and carry everything from station to station.

Stations of the cross skit followed by noon dismissal from classroom.


Math- 4.2 pages 233,234 – students were given 20 mins to finish in class in hoped for no homework this weekend

For those away Math from Monday was pages 230-232


CodingĀ  journal on cuber bullying-due April 9th

French- Haiku Deck Due Thursday at 3:30 pm


Please continue to send in term 3 field trip and workshop money, Fresh Grade permission forms, and April 19th field trip form. Thank you!