Wednesday Homework

spelling test 25 tomorrow

field trip 9:30-12 eat a big lunch, we are back at school for lunch

Please talk to students about bringing toys or money to school to sell things, better to keep them safe at home

Science and Socials- only accepting late ones till tomorrow

Thursday Homework

Science- Title page on Matter Due Tuesday) must include, Matter acrostic poem, matter definition (I gave them this in class- Something that has mass, take sup space, and exists as a solid, liquid, or gas.) your name, pictures and COLOURED!

Science- Reflection sheet- what did I learn ? Lesson 1 & 2 Due Tuesday

Lesson 1 wrote in the question, lesson 2 (April 12, lesson title-What is Matter?  reflection: Why does Matter Matter? In What ways have you seen mass and volume applied in the real world?


Math- Pages 248-249 Fractions we are nearing the end so in the next two weeks we will have a test!

Socials- Ch. 7 questions (Booklet) Due Monday – Students have been working on this for a week

French- bring picture of your favourite character


Tuesday Homework

Math 4.2 pages 235-237 mixed and improper fractions

spelling lesson 23 work and test Thursday

Coding- cyber-bullying – April 9

Mandarin- complete 5 sentences to describe Spring Break in Chinese.


April Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you all well. It is hard to believe that we are beginning term 3. Where has the time gone?  The Grade 4 students have all worked hard during first and second term and now the last term awaits us.  Again, we would like to thank you for your support in your child’s learning.

Language Arts:

This term we will be studying the novel, James and the Giant Peach, written by Roald Dahl. The students will be focusing on their reading powers while reading this novel. The reading powers are making connections, asking questions, visualizing, inference and transformation.  We will also focus on our reading fluency by ensuring that we read with expression, watch our pace, volume and sound out words that we might not recognize.  We will also be learning new vocabulary words that will help us when we do writing activities or answer comprehension questions.

Roald Dahl was a spy, ace fighter- pilot, and medical inventor.  He remains the World’s No. 1 storyteller.  He was also the author of:


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




and many more brilliant stories!

Students are encouraged to visit their local public library or download  e-book versions of their favourite stories.


Social Studies:

This term, the students will expand on their knowledge of the First Nations culture and learn about the changes and consequences from European contact.  They will explore the different perspectives and the issues that arose throughout the Fur trade.



  • please remember to keep signing your child’s agenda
  • send healthy snacks to school
  • if you have any extra tissue boxes or wet wipes please send them to school
  • April 13th 4S Mass
  • April 20th 4L Mass
  • April 19th Maritime Museum Field Trip

4L:  10:00- 11:30 a.m.

4S:  12:30- 2:00 p.m.

  • April 27th Pro-D Staff Service Day


Have a wonderful day,


Mrs. Sophie Snyder and Miss Sarah LeRose