Thursday homework

Math test on decimals and fractions tomorrow

literature circle due tomorrow- bring green duotang with complete job and novel

S.S. booklet Monday

Mass tomorrow- full school uniform

Wednesday homework

Math test changed to Friday for decimals and fractions

S.S booklet due Monday

Lit Circle jobs due Friday- being green lit circle duotang and novel to class Friday !

Thursday Homework

Math – 2 pages

test on decimals next Thursday

Lit Circle- read chapters 4,5,6 and complete job for Tuesday to discuss with group

Sing-a-thon meet in gym at 2:45, we sing at 3

please wear black bottoms and a bright coloured top

Wednesday Homework

Have Million Dreams lyrics memorized, practice actions- we will practice lots tomorrow

****Sing-a-thon 3:00pm is our time slot- please meet in school gym at 2:45

Please wear black bottoms and a bright coloured top (Plain is preferred)

Math – at least 2 pages … you should be in the 275 page range by now – leave some parts blank to use to study next week

Test Next Thursday on fractions and decimals

Language Arts – We started a Lit circle today for James and the Giant Peach.

Students are to complete the prediction box, and agree or disagree statements as well as the back of the page, then read chapters 1-3, complete the other 3 boxes on  the discussion sheet and then complete chapter 1-3 questions sheet, both sides.  Most students completed at least half in class.

No Reading Log


Friday Homework

Reading Log was due today or this Tuesday

Math- pages 259,260,261

We will continue with 2 classes left on Tuesday and Wednesday to work on Socials projects and students will present next Thursday or Friday


May book orders due Wednesday

check out online if form was lost


Thursday Homework

Math paages 257, 258

R.L. due tomorrow or Tues

Spelling lesson 28 due tomorrow

L.A. 3 rough copies of Limerick due Tuesday, we will then turn 1 into a good copy

Tuesday Homework

Math- fractions test signed and corrections done and returned by Thursday

Math- 4.2 pages 253-256

Science workshop Thursday (Meteor Madness)- still missing a few forms

Spelling lesson 28 due Thursday

Poetry – Cinquain good copy due Thursday


Monday Homework

Reading Log- Friday or Monday

Spring photos tomorrow

movie and popcorn $2 tomorrow

mandarin – finish mothers day project

Spelling lesson 28 due Thursday

Friday Homework

Sing-a-thon song- A Million Dreams from the movie The Greatest Showman – lyrics went home today

Math- Fractions test Monday- they have 2 different review booklets

LA- Brain Pocket Writing- pocket of students choice (Memory, imagination, fact) – only homework and due Monday if they didn’t finished in class today

Religion- 10 commandments in your own words- Tuesday