Wednesday Homework

Tomorrow is our Science workshop on sound energy.

I am missing 3 permission slips, so please double check with your child if he/she handed it in.

Math 4.1 pages 27-29

Math Quiz tomorrow based on information learned on pages 1-24 This quiz is just to see where your child is so far with this unit and to help them better prepare for the first unit test.

French- Cahier pages 3 and 4 Due Monday

Science Title page Due Monday

Reading Log (RL) – read 20 mins and complete Wednesdays box. Reading Log due Friday fully complete.

Mandarin- review and read the story

Mandarin- notice went home about the Mid-Autumn Festival that will take place in class during Mandarin time (1:30-2:10) on Monday Sept 24th – For the class celebration students are to bring round foods (treats/snacks/fruits) to school MONDAY SEPT 24.  Some examples of round foods are, grapes, melon cut up with melon ball, timbits, doughnuts, cookies, crackers and cheese, sushi,sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, berries, muffins, cupcakes, pizza etc.