Wednesday Homework

Math- pages 38,39  – 1 page single sided math test Friday
What to know for the math test to be successful
can you??
-skip count by 100’s (practice starting from 100,200,300,400… and 133, 233,333,….. etc)
-What does the digit stand for
ex, the number 354, what does the digit 5 stand for? Answer: 50
what does the digit 6 stand for in 6850 ?     Answer: 6000
-Write the number words for the numerals on the signs … refer to page 9 in Jump Math 4.1
-write the number in expanded form (numerals and words), then as a numeral (refer to page 11)
-Write the number in expanded form (using numerals) (refer to page 13, question 4a example)
-write less than and greater than signs to make the statements true (refer to page 17 #9)
-understand rounding, which one-digit numbers are closer to 0 (1,2,3,4) and which one-digit numbers are closer to 10 (6,7,8,9) …. know why 5 is a special case (because its in the middle, it’s equally between 0 and 10. this is answer to Pg 21 #2

Book Fair is open till 5:15 pm each day, we will be going as a class tomorrow after recess again.
Thank you for supporting our school!

Socials- Compass booklet due Tuesday – some students are completing at school as early finish-up work

Reading Log- looks different this week, each student brought home a half piece of paper with 3 squares, 1 for Yesterday(Tues), 1 for tonight(Wed), and 1 for tomorrow (Thurs) ….. after completing their 20 mins of reading, each students is required to draw the connection they made with their book. We have practiced this in class so they should feel prepared to do this.  If they are confused i will give them more practice after teaching the skill to them again so not to worry.


All Math quizes are handed out, students have them in duotang to refer to before tests if needed.

S.S. title pages were graded out of 5 and handed back, Starting Monday October 1 all late homework will be given a homework slip to bring home and get signed by the next day and still need to hand in work which will be docked marks depending on how late it is. We talked about this in class so they are all aware.