Tuesday Homework

Any photos from today’s field trip please e-mail me so I can share on fresh grade, thanks

Math- quizzes handed back, please review them for the test Thursday

we made study sheets with some facts about measurement

Halloween class party between morning and lunch
Please bring treats to 4L , I will put them out after morning recess
we are having a combined party with 4S as its Mrs. Snyder’s last day.

Movie in one room and games in other


If you wish to have costco hotdog or pizza lunch please contact Cindy our  PTA rep


change into costume at morning recess or after lunch

Halloween parade is 1 pm in school gym

I can’t wait to see Halloween spirit tomorrow

don’t forget to bring a can of food for the food drive

thank you!

Monday Homework

Math test on measurement Thursday

Quiz was today, I  hope to mark and handout tomorrow

Field trip tomorrow to Salmon n’ Bannock

Parent volunteers please be here by 11:30 am in lobby
if your paying please have cash, cheque to school or you can pay credit at restaurant

Wednesday 4L and 4S will be having a joint party to celebrate Mrs. Snyder’s last day as well as Halloween fun!

You should have all received an e-mail about a costco hot dog and pizza lunch, please contact Cindy our parent rep with any questions, students can hand in their money for their food order to myself or Cindy.

Party will start after recess around 11 am and will go through lunch
Costume parade is at 1pm in gym

COME IN GYM STRIP WED and change into costume after french and PE

any questions please email me about field trips and class party 🙂



Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow

please come at designated time, each time slot is 15 mins
If its your time and door is still closed, please kindly knock as a reminder

Study measurement for QUIZ Monday – test maybe Tuesday depending how they do

1 km = 1000m

1m = 100 cm

1m = 10 dm

1dm = 10 cm

1 cm= 10mm

500 m = ?

1km 30 cm = 130cm

practice word problems from jump math measurement unit

we finished with Mass/weight  and will review Monday along with a quiz to see where we are, then they can study off quiz and be more prepared for test

Please read every night but maybe less to have time for review each night for at least 10-15 mins

Wednesday Homework

Socials- fine line and colour map by Tuesday- we will complete scale and clues in class

Mandarin-finish homework

Read 20 mins

No School Friday- Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday Homework

Book Orders for October due asap

Study measurement for test Monday

1 km = 1000m

1m = 100 cm

1m = 10 dm

1dm = 10 cm

1 cm= 10mm

500 m = ?

1km 30 cm = 130cm

practice word problems from jump math measurement unit

we will finish with Mass/weight tomorrow and then review Thursday for Test Monday

Please read every night but maybe less to have time for review each night for at least 10-15 mins

Mandarin- complete plan


Monday Homework

Math pages 61-63

we are nearing the end of the measurement unit

Measurement test will be next Monday afternoon

Mandarin- fairytale worksheet

French- create sentences, page 11/12 in cahier, quiz on classroom objects (Wednesday)

Students may bring in materials for Rube Goldberg project starting tomorrow
They are selecting their own partners
All work will be done in class as long as they use their time wisely

We had a lesson on how to use a USB today, tomorrow will be a lesson on Power Point, -they will use power point for their Saints Project and be able to save on their USB to bring home and work on if they run out of time or just to show you.

Reminder* no school Friday, please come for your time slot for parent teacher interviews, if its your time i am am going over please knock,       THANK YOU

reminder every book bought through book orders helps 4L build their class library 🙂

Menu orders were submitted today to the restaurant.

October 30 students wont be here for lunch but at restaurant so please cancel hot lunch or students can take it home to eat later, thank you

Thursday Homework

No School tomorrow

Reminder Parent teacher interviews next Friday

Mandarin- finish worksheet

*Students of 4L have been very chatty lately during work time and have had a few issues with indoor recess and remembering how someone their age should behave.
Please talk with your children about their play times and work times and see if they think they can be doing a better job, maybe this can be a personal goal to set.  It’s okay to make mistakes but some are making this a habit everyday and its affecting their peers work and play time.


Thank you

have a wonderful long weekend


Videos of their newest art creations to come next week once all complete! they did amazing this afternoon with them 🙂

I am so proud!

Congrats on completing the online portion of the FSA’s, we will begin the written part next week.


Wednesday homework

We finished reading comprehension FSA today so well done!

Science- energy quiz tomorrow morning on light and sound

*know 7 official colours of the rainbow
*can light be absorbed? reflected?
*when we see a colour, what colours are being absorbed and reflected?
for example, a green leaf absorbs all colours except green which is reflected into our eye
*we hear echo because sound waves BOUNCE off the walls,
*can you modify or change sound?
*Can we see light energy?
*can sound be absorbed?

There are 3 projects starting up in 4L

Religion- Saints Project- in partners selected today, this project will teach the students to use Power Point, gain teamwork skills, research skills, editing skills, and presentation skills.  They have selected a saint which they will research (birth, death, when canonized, accomplishments etc.)
This will be done in class time. If the students use their time wisely they will be able to complete with only class time, if they don’t use time wisely they will have to finish it on their own time (lunch recess, after school or before school or at home)

Socials- Treasure Map Project – this is an individual project that encompasses all the map skills they have learned. The map will show their understanding of a grid, a scale, a compass etc, as well as he ability to write clues for someone to kind their treasure. Marks will be given for correctly showing these skills as well as for overall neatness and presentation. This project will be assigned as homework as well as time given in class.

Science- Rube Goldberg – This project highlights mechanical energy as well as creativity and teamwork. Please read yesterdays post for more detail as well the students have been given a criteria sheet today. We will decide on partners tomorrow.

Math re-test will be moved to tomorrow

We did Math FSA instead

Mandarin- finish small paper

No reading log this week as its heavy with FSA testing but keep reading 20 minutes a night

Library tomorrow- bring books back for return

Spirit Day tomorrow

$2 to wear sport wear such as soccer or basketball jerseys or any sports clothing
$2 for movie and popcorn

Please keep e-mailing with menu choices

I will e-mail parent volunteers tonight/tomorrow

Please hand in October book orders by Thursday so I can submit 🙂

Thursday Homework

Math- pages 54-57 (students received an hour so shouldn’t have much left if any)

Math re-test will be Monday after lunch, if I did not write re-test on your test and you feel you need one please come talk to me tomorrow

Mandarin- Test signed

Buddies with 1W tomorrow – we will talk about being role models

Pen Pals- My cousins in Perth, Australia will be our pen pals, students will write letters and type them, I will form 1 document and e-mail the letters, when we receive one back students will get a printed copy to take home and keep and they will write their responses which will be typed up and I will e-mail them again. Any questions please e-mail me.

FSA practice all next week. If you would like your child exempt from the FSA please e-mail me. This test is not included in their report cards at all and is only for the government. I just need an e-mail stating you as their guardian wish them to be excused.
Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Students completed a light energy workshop today so hopefully this can strike some good conversation over dinner tonight.

We are going to be starting a Saint project, students may research at home if they are excited but we will start next week. They will be researching facts such as birth, death, canonization etc and then create a power point presentation to present to the class.