Wednesday homework

We finished reading comprehension FSA today so well done!

Science- energy quiz tomorrow morning on light and sound

*know 7 official colours of the rainbow
*can light be absorbed? reflected?
*when we see a colour, what colours are being absorbed and reflected?
for example, a green leaf absorbs all colours except green which is reflected into our eye
*we hear echo because sound waves BOUNCE off the walls,
*can you modify or change sound?
*Can we see light energy?
*can sound be absorbed?

There are 3 projects starting up in 4L

Religion- Saints Project- in partners selected today, this project will teach the students to use Power Point, gain teamwork skills, research skills, editing skills, and presentation skills.  They have selected a saint which they will research (birth, death, when canonized, accomplishments etc.)
This will be done in class time. If the students use their time wisely they will be able to complete with only class time, if they don’t use time wisely they will have to finish it on their own time (lunch recess, after school or before school or at home)

Socials- Treasure Map Project – this is an individual project that encompasses all the map skills they have learned. The map will show their understanding of a grid, a scale, a compass etc, as well as he ability to write clues for someone to kind their treasure. Marks will be given for correctly showing these skills as well as for overall neatness and presentation. This project will be assigned as homework as well as time given in class.

Science- Rube Goldberg – This project highlights mechanical energy as well as creativity and teamwork. Please read yesterdays post for more detail as well the students have been given a criteria sheet today. We will decide on partners tomorrow.