Tuesday Homework

Bring back measurement math tests signed and corrected by Friday

Math- geometry unit- pages 71-73

Reading Log started again- each student received 1 sheet for summaries and feelings about what they read, I will now be collecting the reading log once a month and will tally their entries, a prize will be given out at the end of the year for the most entries! Students do this on their own, they can do 7 a week or 2, whichever they want.  I will have a basket of extra sheets and different types so they can get sheets as they need them.


Projects- students are working hard on their Saint power points and have already been practicing their presentations. Students will have these on their USB so they can share with you at home what they have been doing. For science we will have 2 more classes until the big day where we will record a video of their Rube Goldberg machines and post them on fresh grade. I have seen some very creative uses of kinetic energy and cant wait till they put all 4 pieces together to make something happen!
Socials Studies end of mapping project is now over due (2 students have special late hand in time due to restarting) I will be marking these and sending them home to be signed by end of week.

Joshua’s parents gave me invites for a pizza lunch which was given to each student last week with their names on it in case one went missing. Students who brought it back to myself or Joshua, don’t forget we have a pizza lunch to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Thank you to Joshua and his parents for letting us celebrate with him 🙂

French test will be coming up on Wednesday November 14th as well as the students booklets will be due that day- please talk to your students or Mr. Balentona with any questions.

PE homework on Canada’s Food Guide and healthy eating – students received a worksheet with their number on it yesterday, this is to be researched and completed by Wednesday November 14

*******Reminder no school Monday and Tuesday next week