Dance Play has started so please send students with their PE uniform tomorrow, Friday in addition to Monday’s and Wednesdays.
For tomorrow and Friday, WEAR full school uniform and bring PE uniform to change into.


A notice is being sent home for Feb 1 field trip, please return by the end of this week.

For this field trip we are limited to how many parents can fit with both classes on the bus. We get 3 from 4L but ideally for the students to have the best experience we need 5, 4S will also need extra … if any parents can join but are willing to drive and meet us there we can figure out a way to reimburse the cost of parking. Please e-mail me if you are interested or have any questions. THANK YOU!!!


PE homework- draw badminton court and label the lines DUE MONDAY- NO LATE ONES ACCEPTED


Thank you

Miss LeRose