Wednesday Homework

Any board game materials still needed, please bring in
Friday we are decorating the box that the game is going in

Speech Arts tomorrow 🙂

Spelling lesson 12 and review test tomorrow!

Math pages
143 #1, 2, 3(b,f), 4(b,e,f), 5
144 #1(a,c), 2(b,d,f)
145#3(a,e,i), 6(a,c)

Math test signed and returned


Tuesday Homework

Speech Arts Thursday- practice tonight- today was great so lets keep this going for tomorrow

Spelling lesson 12- review lesson so test is surprise words from the lessons that were reviewed


Pink Shirt Day Tomorrow


Monday Homework

Speech Arts Thursday

  • we practiced as a class and in small groups today, please listen to your child practice tonight as they are working on memorizing and adding emphasis

Math Test tomorrow on multiplication – based on pages 115 to 134 in Jump Math 4.1

Spelling lesson 12 is a review one, complete lesson and surprise work test this Thursday

Wish Stories- If you were absent today please hand in your story tomorrow, I am almost finished marking the ones I received today and I am really enjoying them! thank you to all who put in their best effort as its paying off 🙂

Please hand in your grammar booklet if you haven’t so I can finish marking them as well, thank you

Friday Homework

Handwriting- catch up to letter H

Grammar booklet asap

Math test Tuesday

Speech Arts Feb 28th

Poetry entries need the book the poem was published in. Poems need to be memorized and be 1-3 minutes in length.

Complete wish story due Monday morning

Thursday Homework

Math- multiplication test Tuesday

Science- have materials at school to start creating board game

S.S. Haida symbol and facts in passport

L.A.- title page and illustrations, bring complete story read to hand in 9am Monday morning

Grammar booklet asap

Wednesday Homework

Spelling lesson 11 work and post test tomorrow

Math pages 139-141

LA – Wish Story illustrations and title page complete

Today students finished adding their edits into their stories and printed them out. Their homework due Monday is to ass in illustrations and a title page to complete their story. The complete Wish Story is due 9 am Monday morning so I can read and mark for term 2 reports.


February Newsletter

February Grade 4 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you all well. February is busy month for our grade 4 students, but they are up for the challenge!!

Social Studies:

We continue to learn about the First Nations culture. We will be also learning about the West Coast First Nations Peoples and other Aboriginal peoples in British Columbia. Again, we will examine their ways of life. We will look at food, clothing, shelter, transportation, government and religious beliefs. Students are working on a Passport as they learn about new things.

Students are working on finishing their Menu’s for their own Coast Salish Restaurants.


As part of our science unit on Biomes, the students will be attending the Wet Lab workshop on February 1st, 2019 at the Vancouver Aquarium. The students will learn about animal adaptations, local marine ecosystems, and about the complex issues of marine debris. As a conclusion to our Biomes unit, students will be creating a Biomes Board Game.


Students are continuing learning their times tables and how to apply these skills to different questions.  We will be using these skills when we dive into Division soon. Students are encouraged to practice their multiplication. offers auto scored tests and free games.

Dates to remember:

  1. February 1 Field Trip to the Vancouver Aquarium (Leave school 9 am back at 2pm)
  2. February 14-15 Catholic Educators Conference(no school)
  3. February 18 Family Day (no school-go out and do something fun as a family)
  4. In school Speech Arts February 28 – “Sam, Who Only Ate Jam” by Kenn Nesbitt

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who continue to help us in the classroom. We appreciate all that you do. God bless!


Mr. M. Brooks  and Miss S. LeRose

Field Trip tomorrow

Reminder the bus leave at 9 am, I will be picking students up at 8:35am

-wear full school uniform

-dress for weather – some of the field trip will be outside at different exibits

-Bring a packed snack and lunch and drink such as a water bottle (ALL snack/lunch/drink should fit into a bag) these bags will be stored for the kids after snack so they can explore and we will get them before lunch with 4S

-Have a good breakfast, snack will be around 11 am and lunch just after 1 pm

-Reminder to stay with parent volunteer, no running off

-back at school at 3:20 pm

Parent volunteers I will give you my cell number tomorrow, it would be great to have yours as well for easy communication within the field trip


e-mail with any questions

see you tomorrow!