Tuesday Homework

Comic strip tomorrow if you can

math- fraction take home quiz tomorrow

Wear spring colours and bring $2 for Operation Smile – wear PE strip to school then change at recess

Novel study tomorrow on chapters 26-39

Monday Homework

Math- up to page 53 + fraction practice quiz/test – please help your child correct it with the answers I put on the back of the practice quiz/test

Continue to bring a shoe box, thank you to those who sent extra for those classmates who aren’t able to get one

L.A.- Novel Study- chapters 15-25 was discussed – assigned today is chapters 26-39 (the rest of the book), they will then complete their last job and have it ready for Wednesday’s discussion. Next Tuesday we will begin the Scene Diorama project (each student has the project requirements hand out in their novel study duotang) Please encourage them to use materials found at home to create their scene.

No Spelling this week

Reminder – Sing-a-thon performance Saturday May 25

4L song selection =

May Newsletter

May 2019 News from Grade 4

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you well. It is hard to believe that we are in the last two months of school. Where has the time gone? The Grade 4 students have been busily working on many activities.

Social Studies:

We are continuing to learn about the Explorers and the impact this had on the First Nations Peoples.  The Europeans began to explore North America just before the 1500’s. We are reading about John Cabot, Christopher Columbus and Jacques Cartier. We are talking about a the Fur trade and the consequences this had for Canada.  Our Social Studies text book provides information for our students but they are also encouraged to seek out other reading material from their local libraries or the main branches in Vancouver or Burnaby. It is important for the Grade 4’s to practise reading a variety of informational texts. As a parent, you can review some of the important features of an informational text with your child.

Some of these features include:

  • Pictures or photographs
  • Maps or graphs
  • Captions
  • Glossary, labels. bolded word,
  • Timelines
  • Table of Contents
  • Index
  • Text (facts)

Language Arts:

We are finishing up our Novel Study and will begin our diorama project next week. We will then be moving into poetry and poetic forms. Poetry is fun. You get to play with words and sound. Students can work with rhyming couplets, haiku, limericks and free verse. They can experiment with rhyming words to create images by showing and not telling.

Who Has Seen The Wind            Christina Rossetti

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you;

But when the leaves hang trembling

The wind is passing through


Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I;

But when the trees bow down their heads

The wind is passing by

The students will learn about various poets and write some of their own poems. Poets that your child may like are:

  1. Shel Silverstein
  2. Jack Prelutsky
  3. Dennis Lee
  4. Langston Hughes
  5. Judith Voirst
  6. Robert Frost
  7. Paul Janeczko
  8. Christina Rossetti

Dates to remember:

  • May 16 Science workshop in class
  • May 20 Victoria Day (no school)
  • May 24 SFX Bazaar Set-up (no school)
  • May 25 SFX Bazaar (both classes will be singing together at the bazaar)

Thank you for your co-operation, volunteering in the classroom and on field trips and for participating in your child’s learning. Enjoy your Victoria Day long weekend. Also, we would like to wish a very special Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers in the 4L and 4S classes. May God continue to bless you all with good health, happiness and peace.


Ms. S. LeRose and Mr. M. Brooks


Friday Homework

Novel study chapters 15-25 Due Monday

with 2 days of no regular class next week we have to have one due Monday, and the last one will be due Wednesday so we have time the following week to do our diorama project and move onto Poetry.

Thank you for your understanding with having homework this weekend

Please bring a shoe box by Monday May 6 – if you have extra please bring for any students who do not have one


Thank you

Have a wonderful weekend

Thursday Homework

Math – do 3 pages

Spelling- lesson 18 and test tomorrow

novel study tomorrow

Please finish up and hand in by Monday:

-comic strip

-matter title page

People away at track meet- see me tomorrow after recess for the Pathfinders lesson 2- the link to the video is on your sheet, you can completes over the weekend

Wednesday Homework

Novel Study chapters 7-14 due Friday – BRING ALL MATERIALS TO NOT LET GROUP DOWN

Math – pages 46-49 – some of the questions need to be done on grid paper, labelled with date, page and question number

Spelling lesson 18- review test Friday so Track people can be here

Field trip Thursday – 6 students are going to track so I will return your entrance fee money because they won’t be able to attend the field trip tomorrow

Track- bus leaves between 9-915 from school, students being dropped off at the event need to be there no later than 9:30am

Start collecting a shoe box for a diorama project at the end of our novel study (keep at home for now)

Book Orders ASAP Thanks

Thursday Homework

Math re-test moved to tomorrow after morning recess

Eggs for art tomorrow- see previous blog for video on blown eggs or please send your child with 1-2 hard boiled eggs

Novel Study- Chapter 1-3 was read in class, students have to finish the vocab page, comprehension questions, agree or disagree statements, and connect, visualize etc. page

Tomorrow they will be be introduced to the jobs and what each one entails. Every week they will read a few chapters and complete their job, then bring it back to school and present their part to the group. It is important each member completes their job on time.

The end of this Novel Study will be a diorama, please start collecting a show box (I am as well for those who can’t get one)

Thank you for all the wonderful food you brought for the class party today! the students had a great celebration and will continue tomorrow with some snacks during art. I have some of your reusable containers here with food in them but will send home tomorrow.

thanks again!!

Tuesday Homework

Easter Egg decorating Friday!
Please bring a hollowed out egg or hard boiled egg Friday for the craft after lunch. (no raw eggs please) Students may bring 1 or 2.

All decorating supplies will be supplied for the students – they just need to bring the egg!

If anyone has any sour cream, cottage cheese or yogurt containers that are empty and clean we would love to use them to store the dye in

thanks in advance!
Some students were wondering how to hollow out an egg, here is a video from a mom on how to. See below;

Class Party Thursday 12:25-1:30 to celebrate success and hard work in Speech Arts!
If you haven’t signed up yet to bring some food or drink, please do

Math – Pages 30-33

Spelling lesson 16 workbook and test Thursday – Please remind your student the importance of bringing their spelling book to school on Monday and Thursdays as its hard to mark it or have them participate when they are missing the book.

Novel Study – we started a novel study as a class today, next week they will be split into groups and each given a job, these jobs will alternate among students until the book is complete. (They will have 4 jobs) It is expected each students completes their work on time and brings the appropriate sheet because their group members will be relying on them. Today they each received their book and a sheet explaining what is expected as well as some questions to answer along with the first 3 chapters. We predicted in class, and read the first 3 chapters. Students are to finish the reading comprehension questions, vocab page, as well as the 3 statements they have to explain why they disagree or agree. This is due Friday so i can explain the next step before we have 2 students go away on Vacation.

If you are going away during our Novel Study, I will give your child the pages and sheets ahead of time to complete and hand in early or please e-mail me a photo of their completed work so I can share with their group.  If this isnt possible your child will have to complete this novel study on their own upon their return at home.

Please let me know of any absences ahead of time if possible and remind your students about being responsible and in charge of their homework and bringing it to school on time.

Friday Homework

Please sign up to help bring some food for April 11th class party to celebrate their success and hard work in Speech Arts. (see e-mail with google sheets attachment)

Book Orders Wednesday April 10

Field trip notice signed and returned by April 10