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Spelling lesson 5 and test THURSDAY

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We began FSA practice last week …. During this next month the amount of homework your child gets will be much smaller. We will be completing practices and then the real exam in class. Yesterday should be the only piece of practice sent home unless your child needs a bit more time.

Some topics that will be on the FSA online math section are;

-perimeter P= L+L+W+W

-Area  A=L x W

-fractions  example which fraction is smaller 1/2 1/4 1/6 1/12    answer 1/12
RULE* when the numerator is the same, the bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.

-multiplication/ division – students will have access to a calculator for the online portion of the math test

-addition/subtraction *keep working on mental math skills to solve these questions quicker

-patters example 1,2,4,7,?,??       write down the pattern and find the difference between each number. In this example the difference between 1&2 is +1, the difference between 2&4 is +2, then +3 and so to continue to pattern we would use +4, +5 and so on.

-Capacity- have your child look at a juice box or pop can to see how many mL are inside, also a juice or milk carton to see maybe 2L or 4L. This will help them have a visual of how much liquid is in something they see and or use on a daily basis.

I have to have everything submitted by November 22. If you are going on a holiday between now and then please let me know as we will have to arrange when to complete their exam.