Monday Homework

Please send a colour photo of your student standing sideways (whole body in photo) wearing their uniform, backpack, etc. We will be using this at school to “match the picture” and help each student gain independence in preparing for home and making sure to have all belongings (uniform pieces, homework etc)

See below for an example. Students will use this photo to make sure they are leaving with the correct shoes on, their uniform, etc, we will also be adding special objects. Each photo will be laminated so students can see, and maybe draw until they are used to it, what they need; for example to remember to carry home gym strip, project, recorder, coat, hat etc. This will help students from forgetting and misplacing things. This should also help with remembering all homework so they don’t get home and realize they forgot it.

executive functioning student photo

Spelling lesson 7 due Wednesday- no test this week