Weekly Planner Template – Editable

Editable Template for a weekly schedule- click below for template and to see 1 way to fill it in

Weekly Planner


Please Open as a google doc, click File, Make Copy before you personalize for your family.

This is just an example of how you could fill in for next week and once you see the weekly learning plan I will send out Easter Monday afternoon it will make more sense as I have typed some assignments into days so when your child wakes up, they know exactly what they are working on.

Please customize to your families needs and schedule. I know there are families who have blocks with Ms. Nozet, children who have to help babysit younger siblings, families who are sharing ipads and laptops, as well as many other reasons to be flexible.

Thanks to Cindy for sharing this template and I hope this can help all your children feel in charge of their learning during this time.