Week 2 Learning Plan and Reading Log links

Hello 4L,

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!

Thank you to everyone first of all, I know this is a lot of new technology and new ways of learning for us all.

The format you saw last week is what I will send out every week. (Usually Sunday but this week it is Monday because of Easter)

Going forward all assignments are due Saturday by noon of the same week. The ‘MUST DO’ assignments  will have a ‘Please submit in your seesaw’ highlighted in blue so there is no confusion what the ‘MUST DO’ assignments are. The Choice board is optional and there as an extension for those who have more time and with to learn and try new things.

I you have any questions please message me over seesaw. If you or your child still cannot access seesaw please e-mail me and we can set up a zoom call to sort it out.

I still have 6 students who haven’t submitted anything, and another 9 who are missing at least 1 assignment. Please utilize the daily shape of the day or weekly schedule shared with you. Once you get the weekly learning plan, I suggest as a family planning out your child’s week with the assignments and given time for specialist classes as well. Once completed, they can colour or check off the assignment. At the end of the week it will be easy to glance at the schedule and see if they completed their work of not.

I am here, and during the school week I reply to messages quickly, so if you or your child needs to contact me please do. Seesaw messages are the best route.

Here is the link for the Week 2 Learning Plan. (Click the blue week 2 learning plan)

Note** all specialist sites are linked on here and they have their own assignments and due dates. Please check.

Also there is the choice board you can click on for 9 other activities, not all will change every week.

Week 2 Reading Log link