Week 3 Learning Plan

We have made it through 2 weeks! Thank you for your ongoing patience. Recent news is that this blog was updated along with all SFX school blogs. Please re-subscribe so you get notified by e-mail when I post the new learning plan every Sunday.

This week I have continued to have all specialist blog links built into my weekly plan, and newly added is the reading log link. I have also added the seesaw activity links in this weekly plan as well.

Please take time before the week begins to go through this plan with your child. See the weekly timetable example that I added into the weekly plan as well OR make your own for what works for your family.

New this week is Jump Math, Science, and a Novel Study. Please add your child’s time slot for the small group zoom meeting to your timetable so you do not forget. Same zoom ID and password that we have been using. These groups will be continuing for 4-5 weeks. With each assignment I have highlighted in blue, where to submit.

week 3 learning plan here: