Week 4 Learning Plan

We have made it through 3 weeks! Thank you for your ongoing patience. I am hopeful this week that you get e-mail notifications saying this was shared.

This week I have continued to have all specialist blog links built into my weekly plan. Note that PHE is now built into 4L seesaw. This is a test week for Ms. Olaivar on seesaw. She will post her assignment Monday mornings at 9:00 am.

Please take time before the week begins to go through this plan with your child. See the weekly timetable example that I added into the weekly plan as well OR make your own for what works for your family.

Continuing this week is Jump Math, Science, and a Novel Study. A Math test on Division so far (not including long division) will be posted on seesaw 9:00 am Monday.
Please add your child’s time slot for the small group zoom meeting to your timetable so you do not forget. There will be no make-up group meetings.
Same zoom ID and password that we have been using. These groups will be continuing for 4-5 weeks. Each week when they come to their Novel Study zoom, I will assign which chapters and which Novel Study job they are to complete. DO not complete them all on seesaw, ONLY the one I assign this week. Thank You!!

Week 4 Learning Plan here:

Have great week 🙂