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BC Library Cooperative and other book resources

Below is a link to a BC library cooperative where you can take out books through your local Library.

Please try it and let me know how it goes as I don’t have a Library card number. You will need your library card number and library name to access this.


For those who don’t have a library number you can try out Epic Books, free 30 day trial to test it out


Or try a free month trial of Audible

The Wild Robot- Novel by Peter Brown

Hello, here is another read aloud for anyone who wants. I cannot find this book in one link, however this teacher has groups of chapters together and for me shows up as next once I finished chapters 1-6, chapters 7-13 automatically loaded and started.

I hope you enjoy this book 🙂 It is in our classroom library but now we can all read at the same time!

and good news, they came out with a second book The Wild Robot Escapes.

Picture Writing – The pictures in The Wild Robot are fantastic

– Use these images before reading the novel to have students predict the novel
Or Use the images as an independent lesson to spark creative writing.




The Wild Robot –Peter Brown


Comprehension and Discussion Questions to get the kids thinking while listening to the story

NOTE* not homework, only to have them thinking and questioning while reading

Chapters 1 to 20

  1. How did Roz end up on the island?


  1. Describe Roz. Once she enters the world, what emotion does she feel?  How would you feel if you were Roz?


  1. “Animal sounds filled the forest. Chirps and wingbeats and rustlings in the underbrush. And then, from the sea cliffs, there came new sounds. Heavy, crunching footsteps. The forest animals fell silent, and from their hiding places they watched as a sparkling monster stomped past.” (p. 16) – Describe what the animals must be thinking.


  1. The book continues on to state “the forest was not a comfortable place for Roz.” What makes the forest a difficult place for Roz?  How must she adapt?


  1. Chapter 10 – The Reminder

“I should remind you, reader, that Roz had no idea how she had come to be on that island.  She didn’t know that she’d been built in a factory and then stored in a warehouse before crossing the ocean on a cargo ship.  She didn’t know that a hurricane had sunk the ship and left her crate floating on the waves for days until it finally washed ashore.  She didn’t’ know she’d been accidently activated by those curious sea otters.  As the robot looked out at the island, it never occurred to her that she might not belong there.  As far as Roz knew, she was home.”

Do you think Roz is home and that she belongs on the island? Why or Why Not?


  1. “Wouldn’t you be afraid if two bears were charging towards you? Of course you would! Everyone would! Even the robot felt something like fear.” What does Roz do to survive in this moment?  Was her reaction similar to a human reaction? Why or Why not?


  1. What did Roz discover about the “Language of Animals?


  1. Write about a time where you needed to gain someone’s trust and what you did.


Chapters 21 – 40


  1. In your opinion, why does Roz help Fink? What could be the potential effects of her actions?


  1. What was “the accident” (Chapter 24)? What does Roz realize about her actions?


  1. After witnessing the opossum play dead, what does Roz realize she can do? Do you think her plan will work? Why or Why not?


  1. What does Roz do during these chapters to integrate herself into the animal’s society? Create a chart of Roz’s interactions with different animals. How does each animal help Roz?  How does she help that animal? What do they learn from each other?


  1. “‘We’re a strange family,’ said Brightbill, with a little smile. ‘But I kind of like it that way. ‘Me too,’ said Roz.” (p. 126) Describe the relationship between Roz and Brightbill.


  1. In what ways is Roz a good mother? In what ways is she limited because she is a robot?


  1. Describe the friendship between Brightbill and Chit Chat. How does Roz feel about their friendship?


Chapter 41 – 60


  1. What do the bears think of Roz? Why?


  1. “Mama, do you think you’ll ever walk again? “I’m not sure,” said the robot, “but I know who to ask for help. Now go get ready for bed.”  (Page 149) Who does Roz ask for help?  How do her friends help her in her time of need?


  1. Do you think it was wise to experiment with Roz’s power button? Why or why not?


  1. If you were Roz, how would you feel about Brightbill leaving for the migration?


  1. Page 192, “Everything has a purpose . . . The sun is meant to give light. Plants are meant to grow. We owls are meant to hunt.” In your opinion, what is Roz’s purpose?


Chapter 61 – 80


  1. What does Brightbill learn during migration?


  1. How does Brightbill become the leader of the geese?


  1. What are RECO’s? Why do they arrive on the island?


  1. How do the animals try to save Roz from the RECOs? Why do they do this?


  1. Why does Roz decide to leave the island? Do you agree with her decision? Why or Why not?


  1. Do you think Roz will be able to return home? Why or Why not?