4L Bingo

Hi 4L
Next weeks class activity will be a class Bingo on Thursday at 10:30 am on Zoom.
On Monday at 9:00 am the Bingo card template can be found under activities on Seesaw.

Print it off or create your own 5×6 box to give you 30 squares.
Place each persons name in a box in any order you wish.
I have included a list of all the names in the activity template.

We are using the honours system, so once you put the names in a box there is no changing.

There will be some prizes! As we are not together to hand out prizes, I have got some more codes for free books from scholastic. These, like your birthday ones, need to be used up by the June so pay attention to the date.

Send me a fact about yourself that we may not know over a note in seesaw in your Question folder. FACT DUE BY TUESDAY MAY 12!
(don’t tell your friends because we will be guessing who the clues belong to)

If you are stuck for ideas it could be

  • something unusual or cool you once did
  • a fear or phobia you have
  • an interesting fact about your family
  • an silly embarrassing moment you’re ok with sharing
  • your favourite place, food, etc!
  • a strange talent, skill or hobby you have
  • something funny or special that happened to you once

or anything that you are OK sharing really!

Bingo will take place Live on Zoom (regular ID and password) on Thursday at 10:30 am until around 12 noon.

Let’s have fun with this and all wear red or pink or orange and take a class photo over zoom!

I am so excited!!