Learning Tasks for this Week

Please check Seesaw for next week’s assignments!  Once everyone has access and have used their student codes, Seesaw will be the main learning platform for 4S.  Thank you! 

Please refer to the learning plan mapped out below to establish a routine for your child during the time away from in class instruction.   Please keep in mind your child’s learning will look different and is not meant to be a stressful experience.

This plan is intended to provide 2 hours per day of focused learning.


Read everyday for 20+ minutes! Use Epic Books or Audible if you need some new books.

(Both Epic Books and Audible have 1 month free trials)

Create a Journal. Write in it each day and try to write at least one paragraph. If you would like, create illustrations for your journal. Possible topics for your journal are: Kindness is … , Describe your favourite food(s) using your 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.


Create a Spring Break Comic Strip. Research different comic strip templates. There are many different ideas available.

Share a photo of your journal or comic strip with me over Seesaw in your Language Arts Writing folder.

Visit the Library blog for library lessons and resources from Mr. Krol

Visit the French blog for information and lessons from Mr. Balintona


Practice your math facts! Make your own flashcards to practice your multiplication facts: 5×9=, 7×3=, 3×6= …. etc.

If you have access to an Ipad, practice your facts independently or with a family member.

Introduction to division review:

Khan Academy:

Division as equal groups

Visualizing division with arrays

Division into groups practice

Division with arrays practice

Divide with visuals practice

Division in context (Word problems)

Division word problem practice

Division broken down plus practice

Play Division games for review and practice.


Visit the Music blog for information and lessons from Mr. Dela Luna

Create a one-line portrait of a family member. Using a pen or pencil, draw your family member without lifting your writing utensil from the paper.

Using materials from your house, build something of your choice:  a house, a cityscape, a playground, an animal, etc.

Find a kitchen utensil or tool in your house and create a new use for it.  Write a description of your NEW tool.

Visit Ms. Lee’s ADST google site for information and lessons. Go to https://code.org/ and use your picture password.


Go for a walk with someone you live with (practicing safe social distancing!)

Play catch with someone you live with.

Do 20 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, and 10 squats.

Create an outdoor obstacle course, and complete it 5 times.

Complete this guided meditation. When you finish try the art activity to draw your very own dream tree house.

Share a picture of your tree house with me over Seesaw in your Social Thinking Skills folder.

Visit Ms.Olaivar’s PE blog and see what tasks and activities she has shared.


Name three ways you can be kind this week! Make a goal to accomplish all three.

Share a picture of your three ways over Seesaw in your Social Thinking Skills folder.


Try one or more of the choices from this week’s

Intermediate Choice Board.

April Newsletter and Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Students of 4S,


I hope everyone had a restful and safe Spring break.  As we all know, things have changed dramatically over the course of the past few weeks.  This is a confusing time and uncharted territory for everyone.  Health and safety is the utmost priority; as well as transitioning your child’s learning from school to home.  As a parent myself, I understand juggling work, family time, school priorities and life in general can be challenging.  Please know I am here during this transitional time and will do my best to make it as smooth as possible.


General Expectations:

  1. The students will receive their learning tasks or assignments for the week on Monday
  2. Submissions will be due for Friday
  3. Students are able to complete these when it works best for your family; students may submit everything at the end of the week or as they complete each task
  4. Some of the assignments will use Youtube or require internet access to click on links



**These will be available for pickup in the school gym.  Mr. Fader will provide more information on pickup times.   Some of these items your children have already at home.

  1. Seesaw will be the remote learning platform used. Please have access to this.  A new account will be made under  “Mrs. Sophie Snyder.”
  2. The 4S blog will also be used to relay important information
  3. Jump 4.1 and 4.2
  4. Language Power Now
  5. James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl
  6. Music duotangs and recorders
  7. Mandarin binder and textbooks
  8. Online resources TBA on Seesaw/4S Blog


Guidelines for Optimal Learning:

  1. Keep learning to 2-3 hours a day in an area of the home that has few distractions
  2. Set break schedules and time for physical activity outdoors
  3. Morning is usually the best time for children to engage in Math and Language Arts
  4. Science, Social Studies, and Art will be activity based. Some of the activities would be a great way to incorporate the whole family!


The first couple of weeks will be trial and error and the learning tasks assigned and the timing of the due dates will reflect the understanding that some students won’t have unlimited access to technology.  Parental support is strongly encouraged; however I fully recognize that parents also have their own busy work schedules.


I am available for support if your child or you needs help.  Please contact me at ssnyder@sfxschool.ca.  Please allow for a 24 hour period for a response.  I also ask for your patience and welcome all feedback as we navigate remote learning together.


Though this is an unprecedented and difficult time, I believe we can work as a community to have a positive rest of the year!  While I am disappointed I did not have more time in the classroom with your wonderful children I believe we will learn, create, and forge relationships in new ways.  I am excited for our potential and I am very blessed to have your support and dedication to our school learning community.  I wish you safety, health and strength during this time.


St. Patrick’s Prayer

May the Strength of God pilot us.  May the Power of God preserve us.  May the Wisdom of God instruct us.  May the Hand of God protect us.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs. Snyder


Tuesday Homework

Science Biome Project- possible due date change to after Spring Break

Practice multiplication drills

Special Reminders

Group Speech Arts Festival will be rescheduled to a later date.  Individual speech arts will carry on as scheduled.


Monday Homework

Math- JM 4.1- pg. 138 NB, 139, 140 NB, 141 (Tue)

Spelling- Lesson 25 and Test (Thurs)

LPN- pg. 67, 68 (Thurs)

Special Reminders

Speech Art Festival is tomorrow.  Students are expected to be in full uniform.  The Choral speech portion for grades four and five will begin at 9:30 am.

Noon dismissal on Friday

Friday Homework

Science- Biome project due Thursday- Please get a pizza box by Monday

Practice multiplication drills

French Presentation (Mon)

Special Reminders

Speech Arts Festival on March 11th at SFX


Have a happy and safe weekend! 🙂

Wednesday Homework

Spelling Lesson 25 Test (Fri)

LPN- pg. 63-66 (Fri)

Math- JM 4.1 pgs. 135, 136 (no bonus), 137 and notebook questions (Fri)

French- Presentation (Mon)

Special Reminders**

The Grouse Mountain field trip is tomorrow.  Please dress according to the weather with waterproof shoes.  A lunch should be packed in a small backpack.  Students may be required to carry their backpack during their walk; therefore do not pack heavy items.

The grouse mountain website is an excellent resource for field trip facts:  grousemountain.com/educationfaq


Dear Parents,


I would like to introduce myself and I am very excited about the rest of the school year!  I look forward to meeting many more of the amazing families who form the school community.

This is my sixth year teaching at Saint Francis Xavier and prior to that I was teaching at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School for two years and before that, one year at a BC offshore school.   I have just returned from maternity leave and my son is 15 months old- I must say he is full of personality and he teaches me something new everyday! 🙂

I am so grateful to be at a supportive and wonderful school.  I appreciate the sense of community and family that our faith allows us to nurture here.

A couple important notes:

I will be signing the agenda everyday.  Please check your child’s agenda, focusing on the week ahead rather than the next day.  I will post the homework on the blog daily.  If a situation arises where the homework cannot be completed, please send a note with your child explaining the reason as to why it could not be completed.  Students should spend approximately 30-40 minutes a night on homework assignments.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to send in a note through your child’s agenda book.  Due to our schedules, I kindly request that meetings are booked in advance.  Correspondence through your child’s agenda book is appreciated and most effective.


I look forward to a positive and productive rest of the year!  Thank you for your continued support.




Mrs. Snyder