5M – Announcement January 29, 2018

Hello 5M Parents,

Here are the announcements for February

February 2nd- New Student Registration due to the office

*there will be a First Nation’s Peoples Performance from 1-2pm. Please bring $1 donation to cover the costs by February 1st*

February 5th- In class Individual speech arts competition

February 6th- Individual Speech Arts competition

February 7th- Toques are due for those in need in the downtown East side

*Note: We have had just one toque donated on behalf of 5M so far.

February 8&9- No School- Catholic Educators Conference

February 12th- No School- Family Day

February 13th- Class Valentine’s Treats and fun

February 14th- Ash Wednesday (NO treats allowed please and remember to not eat meat, fish is an exception)

February 15th- Registration forms distributed

February 16th- Chinese New Year cultural celebration NOON DISMISSAL

February 28th-March 2nd – Basketball Finals

Attached you will find the criteria for our Affirmation Log, Science Game Board Project and our Inspiring Interview Project. (See link at the bottom of this page) We will be starting the Interview Project next week during our Reflective thinking block. I am excited that our school’s new ipad cart is up and running, 5M has the cart booked twice a week in addition to coding for Reflective Writing and Art.

We are starting an interesting Art assignment which is aimed for students who would like to try a different Artistic outlet. This assignment is to produce your own music using an app called Garage Band. Perhaps one day your children will become future producers for commercials, jingles, advertisements, athletic performance videos, event planners, editors, dj’s or business students who need to create slideshows or short presentations. For now,  5M will connect this to our Poetry unit soon to come where the students will link up a song or rhythm they produced to one of their poems.


Our class has started their Affirmation logs last week. My goal is to build every child’s self confidence, self-esteem, good problem solving, positive thinking, leadership skills and coping. I am happy to see some students already beginning to understand this incredible information to build themselves.

Finally here is a video I would like to share with you. These are the major reasons why the Ministry of Education changed the curriculum for British Columbia.


As I was trying to explain to your children… I need to inspire their creative thinking,  deeper understanding, communication skills, technological literacy, etiquette, problem solving and and group work leadership skills. In addition to this, none of this will be helpful without self confidence, drive, stress management or friendships. This way your children will have irreplaceable qualities to put forth their best selves in the future.

Thank you for your time,

Kind Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5m- affirmations

5m inspiring

Science -The Nervous System Game Board


5M – January 9, 2018 Announcements

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 2018! Before the break your children wrote a letter to one immediate family member, I hope you enjoyed their kind words. Thank you again for all your prayers, cards, gifts and the Merry Christmas shout outs in the hall! Here are a few reminders and updates for January…

– Speech Arts will only be for primary this year however intermediates are welcome to enter in the individuals competition.

– Professional Development Day Friday January 12th, Spelling will be extended to Monday (Unit 11 due and Spelling Test)

– Many Grade Fives will be away (including ME woohoo!) on January 18th and 25th for a Ski Trip. Spelling will still take place so please study for the that quiz!

– January 17th Open House and New Registration forms distributed

– I am happy to announce that Ms. Sandra Nozet, our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) head, now gets to work with all the intermediate students this term! Last term she did workshops for all primary students and this term we get her once a week on Mondays. These workshops are a fantastic asset to the Revised Curriculum and they will truly benefit your child.



Three Assignments will be handed out soon.

1) Science- (in class group project) build a “Nervous System Themed” game board.

2) Reflective thinking/Religion/LA- Publish copies of your Reflective Writing pieces to make your own “Bible of Caring for Everyone in Our Common Home”

3) Affirmation Log

-Criteria and deadlines will be released shortly

*Attention* all students that had to leave early for the basketball game today… Thank you for representing SFX! Please watch this clip and take notes (specifically on the parts of the brain explaining their relationships and roles)

Here are some other clips from our reflective writing and class discussions. Enjoy!


Ms. Tomei and I feel refreshed, inspired, and excited for this term! Thank you in advance for the love and support you give your children.

Have a fabulous evening!

Kindest Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro