5M – April 23, 2018 Announcement

Good Afternoon Parents
  Parents please send your students with black pants and shoes tomorrow as we have a dress  rehearsal
    Students are still responsible to read the prescribed amount of pages each week, spelling will also be assigned. Other classes may be canceled and moved this week and next week. Math will remain the same except for cancelations on Mondays.
    Students have received a copy of the actions for the play. They ALL need to practice tonight for our rehearsal tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your time, patience, and hard work!
Kind Regards,
Ms. Munro

5M – April 9, 2018 Reminders and Requests

Dear Parents,


All students should have the straps on their backpacks curled up and secured with rubber bands

All students need to have their costume shirt handed in

Requests please:

I need a couple of parents to volunteer their time and “bejewel” our shirts for the play. Of course I will provide PPP hours for this

I have created a new motivation strategy for the kids. They can now earn (or be fined) Munro Money. Every two weeks I will have a concession where the kids can purchase candy, ice cream, stickers, small toys etc from me. To help with these costs and to provide some variety I was wondering if there are any toys or old Art supplies you would like to donate to the concession? This would be appreciated very much!

I look forward to another fun week with the kids!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Munro