5M – Complex Machines Project

Complex Machines Project

Dear Students,

This Project is definitely one of the most fun projects of the year! I am asking you to build a complex machine with three or more simple machines (lever, pulley, incline plane, screw, wedge, and wheel and axel).

The project needs to be built by you, therefore if it is a kit you need to show that you put it together. The project also needs to be built by YOU, it should look like a Grade 5 did it, not a Grade 5 and two adults.

If you chose to do a “mouse trap” style machine, you may make a video of your mouse trap and submit it either by email to smunro@sfxschool.ca or USB. Please make sure you test out your video BEFORE the due date, if it doesn’t work by the due date it will be considered late.

I encourage you to use hammers, screw drivers, sandpaper, and other simple tools. All power tools must be used by an adult. Parents please supervise any part of this process (or none) according to what you think is appropriate.

You are to do this project independently, you will be asked to do a presentation of your complex machine at any of the due dates below so please be ready by the first day. (Due Dates: Nov 20, 22, 27)

Some ideas for projects:

  • Toy
  • Game
  • An invention

Expectations for Presentation:

  • Introduce and name your machine
  • Speak loud and clearly
  • Explain the process of building your machine
  • Show how it works
  • Answer questions that the class may have
  • Min 1min Max 3min

Have Fun Building!

Here is the PDF

5m simple machines project

Kind Regards,

Ms Stephanie Munro