Gr.4-7 Qiǎo hǔ Chinese learning videos #1-3 巧虎學漢字/学汉字

Dear students,

The well-known character of cartoons named Qiao-hu 巧虎,Qiǎo hǔ, is learning Mandarin Chinese, too.

Let’s learn with Qiao-hu through watching these fun and interesting videos of the stories of CH. characters.

I am going to upload three short videos (#1-3) for the first time . Each of them lasts only around 2 or 3 minutes, However, they will be very impressive and helpful for you to learn and memorize these very basic and important characters. You are going to see those characters quite often in our textbook and learning materials. Some or Most of them you have learned in #1-3

in the first video- #1, there will be six Chinese characters introduced. Please take notes on a piece of cue card or a line paper and practice writing twice. Also, you are supposed to bring them back to school on Friday.

in the second video- #2, you are going to learn nine characters. However, 3 of them already have been mentioned in video #1. It means that some words will be repeated in the following videos in order to meet the need of fun stories created in different videos. Please write them down on the cue card as well.

In the third video- #3, there will other five CH. characters will be introduced. Do you know what are they?

We are going to discuss them in class on Friday. Hopefully you will enjoy watching them on Thursday, the teacher parents interview day and some other weekends when you are available.

Hsu Laoshi


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