Gr.5 Global Map-18 countries

Dear students,

You all have finished learning Chinese 5 big oceans and 6 continents. Also, you have remembered how to say them in Mandarin. Now you are going to work on the second big worksheet to place 18 countries name on the right position of the global map over this weekend.

Here are some reminders.

1. review the handout we have worked matching and have practiced reading in class

2. take out 18 little cards with country names on them from the small bag

3. try your best to recognize and practice pronouncing each of them

4. place those cards on the global map and check if the position is correct before using glue to paste them on the map    (check the English global map on Internet if you need)

5. please consider to place the cards of some countries especially in Asia and in Europe beside, and then to add an arrow to the country land or to the little circle. It will be clear to see the relation of the map and position.

6. glue each of them on the right position. In order to escape falling while saving in the Mandarin Chinese binder, you are encouraged to add clear tape to those cards as well.

7. bring back to school next Monday.

ps. Attached is what we practice in class on the white board today.


Hsu Laoshi