Feb. 14 -Parent Orientation Handouts and Pictures

Dear all parents,

Thank you very much for signing up as the parent volunteers for the meaningful cultural activity. I appreciate you came to school for the orientation this afternoon from 2-4pm. Please find attached the handouts which have showed them to you during the orientation regarding the instructions you are going to follow and the images to guide you what three types of dumplings the students are going to make. Below are two attachments.

Schedule for parents-the CNY event

Handouts with steps and pics for making dumpling

In addition, another attachment is about the schedule in detail and various tasks you are going to help and achieve on next Tuesday afternoon. You are expected to review at home before Tuesday. Also it will great if you can print out with colors, that will be even clearer. If not, it will be no problem. you are going to receive the copies in black and white together with all materials at Chinese Corner next Tuesday at 12:30pm. Please be ON TIME! Thanks for your attention.

Note: after setting up ready in the classroom, please meet Mandarin teachers or two TAs, Ms. Xie and Ms. Lam for other helps from 1-2pm. WE really help some hands. Please look the handout and let us know if you can help taking pictures, videos or help out around the stages, etc. Please email me at: huimeiangela@gmail.com and please come to me when you arrive at Chinese corner for registration. Great appreciated!

With all your kind help and clear instructions, I believe that our children will have a good time enjoying the whole event.

ps. just to confirm some parents’ doubts. Yes, you’re right. you don’t have to buy any meat or ingredients on Monday and to make the real filling. All students will receive play-doh instead.

Note: all parents signed up as a parent volunteer must attend on Tuesday and help for the whole celebration in the afternoon. This is the purpose to host the orientation this afternoon and to help you to get ready to instruct kids making dumplings.

Finally, here are some pictures taken during the orientation. You did a great job:)


Gr.1 parents

Gr.3 parents

Gr.4 parents

Gr.5 parents

Gr.6 parents

Gr.7 parents

Gr.K parents






Angela, Hsu Laoshi