Qiǎo-hǔ learning Chinese Videos #13-15

My dear students,

There are the 3 short videos #13-15 enclosed below. I believe most of you have the form for noting all the characters you are going to learn from each video except you were absent on Monday or Tuesday. The form has been attached here.

For video #15, it’s special and different from the previous videos. Qiǎo-hǔ would like to invite you to learn a Chinese poem. Please write down the beautiful poem and the title. There will be a 4 line poem, you have to write it down and add Pinyin to each character. We are going to discuss it when school reopens after the spring break.

Wish you all a very relaxing and joyful break. May God bless you save, happy and healthy.

Here is the form-

Qiaohu learning Chinese Video #13-15

Hsu Laoshi