CH. song-只要我長大 As long as I grow up

Dear students,

Please listen to the music and practice singing the song- 只要我長大 zhǐ yào wǒ zhǎng dà.

There will be an oral and vocal assessment next Thursday, June 4. This will be a very important assessment especially at the last month of the school year. You are all highly expected to show your talent and your progress on learning Mandarin through reciting the song and singing the song with your group members. Most of you have memorize the lyrics of the first paragraph. Awesome:) This is what you are going to present.

Each group of three people have to start thinking of the costume and the props you are going to bring for the performance. I will give you some time to discuss in details and practice together in class. I am going to give you the criteria soon.

In God’s love,

Hsu Laoshi