Term One Stamp Counting Day

Dear all,

These two days are big days for Intermediate Mandarin class. We have celebrated students’ hard work in each class for the past three months. And I would like to share their happiness with you.

Those remarkable winners are awarded small gifts from the teacher to cheer their excellent class performance and their achievement on learning Chinese. Please join me and congratulating each awesome student’s good job during the period of Term One. In the meantime, I would like encourage all my students to keep working hard for Term Two.

Good Luck 🙂

Hsu Laoshi

4C-I.   4C-II —4C

4L-I  4L-II—4L

5D-I   5D-II    5D  —5D

5J-I   5J-II—5J

6B-I   6B-II —6B

6L-II   6L-I— 6L

7K-I 7K-II—7K

7M-I   7M-II—7M