A Mandarin Test on Friday

images-中文考試通知 Mandarin Test Notice


Dear all,

All students were informed since last month in class when I told them about the learning plan and the time table about the big unit of Chinese New Year. There should be both an oral assessment and a written test before the end of the unit. They all had an oral assessment and they have marked through singing practices in class, the full rehearsal, and the CNY performance as well.

Next is the written test. It will be on Friday. All students has received the test notice yesterday after the long weekend. We have gone through it. Those example questions of each section have been practiced and discussed in class already. We are going to keep do some more practice tomorrow during Mandarin time. Please try your best to follow the teacher reminders to review and to get ready for the unit test. It will be greatly helpful if the family or the parents can help the students in some ways. Thanks for your support to your child.


Angela Hsu