A Mandarin Test on Next Wednesday, Feb 24

imagesTest Notice-中國人的稱謂, Chinese addresses

Dear all,

Here is the notice of the Mandarin test regarding the topic of Family.

We are going to focus on the Chinese address. Before, the students had learned the basic terms to address the actual family’s members such as 爸爸、媽媽、哥哥、姐姐、弟弟、妹妹和我 (dad, mom, brothers, sisters and I)。This year, they are learning how to address other relatives. The students are expected to have a clear concept and understanding first before working on an oral presentation for the next couple weeks. The students are going to integrate and apply what they have learned previously to introduce their family members’ birthday and favorite things and current residence, etc. Thanks for your attention.

All students have received the test notice and worked on the sample questions as a practice in Mandarin class today. They will need to review the “family tree map” and “key words” to get ready for the test.

Best regards,

Hsu Laoshi