Mandarin Project for Gr. 4-7

Dear all,

After learning the topic of Mother’s Day, students in different grades are now learning different topics for Term Three, and so there are different projects working currently in each grade. They all have received certain handouts,instructions, and done some worksheets as various practice. I will post important info. and details separately for each grade in different new posts later. Below are just the plans and big ideas.

Gr.4’s Topic: Sickness. Students are learning a text about the topic and all symptoms while not feeling well.

Gr.4’s Project: a relevant skit- 我不太舒服 (4 people per group: a sick child, parent, doctor, and a nurse)

Gr.5’s Topic: Kitchen. Students are leaning how to say those items they see in their kitchen and various daily used dinning utensils in Mandarin Chinese

Gr.5‘s Project: Kitchenware & Dinning utensil-廚房用具& 餐具 (4 people per group making a relevant poster with some colorful pictures of items about the topic and labling CH. keywords they are learning)

Gr.6’s Topic: Food. Students are learning to tell Junk food from nutritious meals as well as to recognize key words of common veggie, meat and seafood.

Gr.6’s Project: Nutritious Meals vs. Junk Food-營養膳食 對比 垃圾食物 (2 people per group making a relevant poster with colorful pictures got from any newspaper, any store flyers or online resources

Gr.7’s Topic: Common Cuisin Menu. Students are learning and reviewing main ingredients like veggie, meat and seafood as well as common dishes on Chinese menu.

Gr.7’s Project: Cooking a meal with love用愛心為父母做一餐 for parents (Each of the students has planned to cook a lovely meals for parents over this coming weekend and to show their gratitude for parent’s hard work and great support in the past few years;  must under parent’s supervision and/or some help if needed); record the shopping and cooking procedure through taking pictures.

Dear parents,

Your child needs your trust, and constant encouragement to help them achieve their learning objectives. Your kind reminders and company means a lot for him/her. Thank you so much for all your great support on student’s learning journey!

Love in Christ,

Hsu Laoshi