Gr. 4 Skit Project:我不太舒服 not feeling well

Dear all,
Gr4s completed taking a quiz about all symptoms of sickness and some terms to describe and to use while not feeling well. Most of the students did a great job. And this is a good start to prepare for the next step of presenting a skit in front of the class.
All students also have know already their group members to play a skit. 4 people per group. The main characters could be the sick child, one parent, a doctor and a nurse.
Next week, we are going to focus on practice with clear instructions and some samples demonstrated in class. Through this assessment in Term three, all students are expected to show their conversational skills and verbal progress in Mandarin. Some costume, props and active body language will be very welcome based on the result of discussion for each group.

G4 生病了 本文 TEXT-sickness

G4 補充生病描述 Symptoms




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Hsu Laoshi