Gr.5 Kitchen Project-廚房用具 & 餐具

Dear all,
I am very happy to see there are some very responsible students in both Gr5 classes to follow instructions and project schedule to get their parts ready.
All students have the handouts, project notice, and teacher’s reminders to follow and to complete the project step by step. Here are two samples I saw in two different groups today. One has completed one third of items and labeled each of them and added the right Pinyin beside as well. The other group has completed one fourth. They finished the title and some pictures are ready. Both of them set inspiring examples for the class. Well Done & Keep Going 🙂
I would like to encourage every student to try your best. Please communicate and remind one another among 4 members in your group.
Look forward to seeing your learning outcome and your great presentation through the poster soon.
G5 Kitchen Project Notice




Hsu Laoshi