Gr.7 Cooking Project-Happy Chef:用愛心給父母做一餐飯

 Dear all,
     Please find the enclosed files that all students have them in black and white. Below is the design about those three good copies which should be filled out, and attached on the poster. Color pictures on the good copy and answer all questions as well. In addition, you need to have at least 6 photos (one for each section of the cooking procedure). As for the title, each of you will receive a title to attach the poster, next Monday.
Dear parents,
    Please spare some time for your beloved child to serve you and to cook a meal for you. All your precious time and company will be greatly appreciated. Wish you and your sweet son or daughter a great time. Please enjoy the meals he or she cook for you. Furthermore, please don’t forget to give “stars” and comments showing your happiness and praise to your child. Thank you!
 G7 Project form-Cook for parents
G7 Cooking Project Criteria
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G7 做菜過程拍照1-6 Cooking Pictures
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