Mandarin Learning Plan in December

Dear all,

As the coming of December, everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new born Jesus and the greatest guest in our life. In Mandarin class, we have already started a new topic for this month. Below is the monthly learning plan.

  1. The students are going to learn the story about the Savior’s birth and the story of the new born King. Every student has received a 8-page picture book. They are going to draw and make a cover page for their picture book.

1254844-bigthumbnail    Gifts for the Newborn King72

2. They are going to watch related some Chinese and English videos

about the story of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and three Wise men.

3. Every four students will work together as a group to practice, recite

and retell the story.

4.In addition,there will be a paper art work related with Christmas

brought into the class. The students are going to receive origami

paper and make a creative Christmas tree as well as to fold Santa

Claus. Hope that they will enjoy it while preparing for the coming of



Hsu Laoshi