Mandarin Monthly Plan in January, 2018

Dear all,

Welcome back to the school.

There will be lots of interesting and cultural lessons we are going to learn and experience in January and February because Chinese New Year will be on February 16.

The students from Gr.4 to Gr.7 have been taking the Chinese Calligraphy lessons in Room 301 for a week. It’s an annual cultural lesson. All students are excited to experience as well as some teachers. I sincerely thank our generous and wonderful parents to help setup and cleanup the classroom. Those who give a helping hand to assist in the class are also greatly appreciated. In addition, all parents are very welcome to visit our Mandarin bulletins on 3F next week. You are going to see some students’ great work.


IMG_20180107_190728  IMG_20180111_120809

Below is the monthly plan for Mandarin class.

1. Annual Calligraphy practice in Room 301

2. Lucky message for New Year and Year of Dog, 2018

3. Make a lucky lantern for New Year

4. Review New Year Culture and tradition

Wish you all a very happy New Year!

Hsu Laoshi