Mandarin monthly plan in April

Dear all,
I hope that you all have a joyful and relaxing spring break. After the break, The students continue and have completed the topic of Aladdin which integrated with our musical production in the rest month of March.
After that, in order to train the students to have more opportunities to practice and speak in Mandarin and to improve their oral ability, we are now focusing on preparing for an oral presentation regarding the students’ spring break. Each of them is working on the content of their speech. In the meantime, they are going to either showing two photos which were taken during any outings, travelings and vacations; or drawing two pictures related with their spring break.They will be projected onto the white board when the students give their presentation.
In class, they have been given samples of sentences, instructions to follow step by step. Also, other than Google translate, they are taught how to look up words through online dictionaries such as yabla ( , MDBG ( The students can easily type English or Pinyin sound (without tones) and to search for Chinese characters. The students maybe need some time after class to look up some Chinese characters specifically for their lines. Please support them to learn independently and responsibly. Their 5 sentences (drafts) should be checked and proved first by the teacher before receiving a good copy.
The class will be given more practice time and rehearsal before the formal presentation. The criteria and information sheets will be handed out soon. Everyone needs to listen carefully to check the right answers and to take brief notes while listening to others’ speech. This will be another important training of listening comprehension for the students. Also, the information sheets will be marked as well.
I am looking forward to hearing and witnessing my students’ progress after making lots of effort.
Have a nice weekend! 週末快樂!
Hsu Laoshi